Remodeling & Repairs

Regardless of the age of your home, it can easily fall victim to one of the nation’s fastest growing homeowner epidemics: stucco failure, EIFS failure and Plaster failure or mold and moisture contamination. Even the smallest breach in your home’s façade can cause your system to fail and result in serious problems that can be both costly and threatening to your health. If stucco, plaster or EIFS failure is not treated properly, moisture and mold can permeate through the exterior of your home into to the structural framing and eventually into your interior walls. This subjects your home to cosmetic and structural damage in addition to a long list of health concerns caused by resulting mold and moisture contamination.

We specialize in remodeling and repair services such as: cut back and seal to foundation for moisture proofing, seal windows and doors, seal termination points, install proper Kick-out /Water Diverter Flashing, Repair Bulges, Cracks, De-lamination, all types of Stucco repair Synthetic EIFS or Hard-Coat as well as Venetian Plaster and Custom Architectural Shapes, restoration of Historical Buildings and Monuments - as small as a patch and as big and hundreds of thousands of square feet, and removal of EIFS and replacement with real Hard-Coat.

Only qualified contractors and specialists have the tools and knowledge to provide a complete solution and the steps you need to take toward an effective stucco remediation plan begins with selecting the right contractor. We have the tools, equipment and qualified technicians to inspect and determine the nature and extent of the damage and to remediate the actual cause and consequences from the inside of the wall out, thus bringing back the health and beauty of the original cladding.

Common Signs of Failure

  • Cracking or Breaking
  • Brown streaks appear below the corners of windows or where windows are joined
  • Brown streaks appear at intersections of walls and roofs
  • Leaking windows or doors
  • Base trim is warped

We Can Help

European Stucco Co. possesses the expertise and diversity required to perform an effective stucco, plaster or EIFS remediation and we guarantee accurate and effective solutions. We can properly diagnose your issues, repair them and offer replacement products superior to the initial stucco, plaster or EIFS cladding that will safeguard your home from future cracking, moisture and mildew issues.