The Cheslock Residence

The Skinny

Mr. Cheslock is a very sophisticated, knowledgeable and demanding owner, who managed himself the building of this incredible mansion.

He interviewed and hired all subcontractors and supervised all daily work until the end. It was a pleasure to work with him and for him and to finalize a showcase application of Sider-Oxydro (Sider-Crete now) products over AAC blocks.

This was the third residence built on Mr. Cheslock’s huge estate and it was exquisite from the get-go.

With over 50K square feet of living space built with AAC blocks, this Cheslock residence used the best technologies and materials available to achieve the ultimate goals in a building: energy efficiency, sound proof, fire proof and healthy envelope.

How We Did It

We had a full crew of 23 experienced applicators lodged in Mr. Cheslock’s guest house for a little over 3 months to be able to finalize the exterior and interior wall finishes.

We used only special hard coat stucco materials manufactured by Sider-Oxydro (Sider-Crete now), a company headquartered in Hawkinsville, GA, who is specialized in AAC and ICF applications. We have been trained and certified by them and all our technicians are experts in applying their products.

We pride ourselves in having achieved a masterpiece of beautiful exterior and interior finishes, working everyday with Mr. Cheslock to respond to his specific requirements.